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Welcome to class RA!

“Don’t give up, I believe in you all. A person is a person no matter how small” Dr Seuss 

Welcome to RA!

In Reception we base our learning around the seven areas that the EYFS framework sets out. These are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication and Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Expressive Arts and Design and Understanding the World.

The children in Reception learn mainly through independent learning and adult led activities. Children will take part in learning experiences both indoor and outdoor. All of the children’s learning is recorded on the online learning journal Tapestry, which parents can access to keep up to date with their children’s individual experiences.

The Reception Staff are Mr Stanton, EYFS Phase Leader; Miss Hart, class teacher; Miss Barrett and Mrs Leonard, teaching assistants.

Welcome to Class RA! I am Mr Stanton and have worked in Reception at Goldsmith for three years and am looking forward to many more! When not at school, I enjoy walking my dogs Barney and Betty and spending time with my family and friends. During the school holidays, I enjoy going on holiday and enjoy sailing when I get chance.

I’m Miss Barrett and I work with Mr Stanton and the rest of the Early Years team. I have worked at Goldsmith for four years and I am looking forward to the coming year. When not at school, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.


Just click on the link to find out more about MarvellousMe, you will start to receive messages and see some of the wonderful things we are doing in class via MarvellousMe. If you are unsure how to use this please ask!

What have we been learning about?

What other things have we learnt so far?