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Year 5CN

Y5 Curriculum Map Spring 2018 



“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”- Maya Angelou


There are 28 children all together in 5CN who are taught by Mrs Ndaji and Mrs La Medica.

We are a vibrant and energetic class and we love taking on new challenges pushing ourselves to achieve our potential.  We are a busy class with lots of children in 5CN taking part in  extra-curricular activities such as choir, football and basketball.  In school, we love music lessons with Miss Alexander and PE lessons with Mr Anderson.  We are developing our writing skills through reading and exploring a variety of books- looking at similarities and differences between books as well as exploring the grammar and tools used by the author to engage the reader. 5CN is a class of readers and we enjoy relaxing in the reading corner whilst reading our favourite books.  Maths also plays a huge part in our curriculum and by using resources and pictorial methods we are becoming fluent and confident mathematicians.



Staff base their planning on the “I” and “WE” ASPIRE curriculum which takes into account the children’s interests, too. This academic year, children will be covering the following units of learning:

Autumn 1 – Historical detectives- What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?

Autumn 2 – Historical detectives- What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?

Spring 1 – Magic moments- Jumanji

Spring 2 – What a wonderful world

Summer 1 – What a wonderful world

Summer 2 – Keeping healthy and Enterprise


Have a look at our curriculum map above to see what we are learning about this half term.


Goldsmith Primary Academy