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E Safety


Making sure your child is safe online is something you may be conscious of now even more than ever. As we have directed our learning online it has significantly increased the time our young people spend on line and I would therefore like to highlight the below link.

Windsor Academy Trust has funded E Safety training for every single parent, carer or care provider who wishes to ensure they are fully equipped to know how best to keep children safe online. This means that any parent, step-parent, grandparent etc. who play a role in protecting a child at Goldsmith wishes to undertake the 1 hour training then they are able to do so free of charge.

I have completed the training myself and would highly recommend it to everyone. You do not have to complete it all at once and can return to it as often as you wish. All guidance about online activities is to have open and honest conversations about internet usage with your child and this course will help you understand what to be aware of and help to learn more about e-Safety yourself as a parent.

Simply follow the link below and complete the details as requested (please select your own password at this point). Please remember you can still contact the school for help and advice either by email or calling the school directly. Kind Regards, Mrs Middleton.


There are lots of useful information on keeping your child(ren) safe online. We emphasise the importance of this and knowing which websites, apps, programs they are using and also text messages/messages shared between them and others.

Please use the links below for essential information and for support if you do have any concerns.

Help and advice for families in a digital world

Thinkuknow website

Building Digital Resilience