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Message from the Headteacher


Thank you for visiting our website!

I am delighted to introduce myself as the Headteacher of Goldsmith Primary Academy.  I bring a lot of experience to the school and have worked in the community in my previous roles. Together with my leadership team, we will be working extremely hard to ensure that the children which you have entrusted in to our care, get the very best education possible.


At Goldsmith Primary Academy, all our dedicated and hard-working staff are committed to providing our children with the best teaching and learning opportunities possible.   It is our aim for all of our children to achieve high academic standards in all subjects.  It is also our firm belief that it is every child’s right to receive excellent provision in other curriculum areas too, many of which we deliver through our enriched curriculum.  Music and PE is a particular strength of the school, and all of our children have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument during their time here.  Our children also benefit from specialist sports provision both during curriculum time and in after school clubs.


We have a very strong ‘You Can Do It’ ethos at school. This is taught through the ‘I and we Aspire’ curriculum. Working together, we strive to ensure our children develop academically, morally, socially, emotionally and spiritually every day.


Here at Goldsmith Primary Academy, our wonderful children know they are expected to work hard, dress smartly in our uniform, behave well and attend school every day.  We encourage children to be able to work with others in a team as well as independently and make the most of their time in school.  In return we meet the needs of all our children, and ensure they can become the best they can be.


We have different incentive schemes which reward children for their efforts, behaviour and attendance.  Our children take pride in being a member of Goldsmith.


We also work closely with our sister school Rivers Primary Academy and with the other family members of the Trust. We are part of Windsor Academy Trust (WAT) who support and encourage collaboration and co-operation across the schools.


It is a truly great place to learn – for both adults and children alike!


Warm Regards
Mrs Zoey Lowe