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Our Values

Our Goldsmith Primary Academy ASPIRE Values

Active in Learning

-I research to find new information

-I ask questions using my own initiative

-I complete my homework to the best standard I can



Sure to Improve

-I read and respond to a variety of feedback

-I concentrate on improving my work

-I learn from my mistakes and take on board all feedback



Positive Attitude

-I challenge myself in lessons

-I answer questions without being prompted

-I am excited and enthusiastic in lessons



Imaginative in Learning

-I try my best to think of new ideas

-I share my ideas in partner, group or class discussions

-I use my imagination to help solve problems


Resilient When Things Go Wrong

-I look for new ways to solve problems if I find ideas tricky

-I always ask for help from a partner or an adult if I need to

-I always try my best and never give up


100% Effort in Everything We Do

-I am positive in every lesson

-I keep trying to achieve my goals

-I put 100% effort in every lesson