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We have many policies throughout the School and others are available on request, click on the documents below to view their contents.

Accessibility Policy (WAT) September 2016

Accessibility Plan & Disability Equality Scheme September 2017

Admissions Policy – Determined Admission Arrangements 2019-20

Admission Policy (Nursery) February 2018

Allegations of Abuse Policy (WAT) November 2017

Anti-Bullying Policy February 2019

Appraisal Policy (WAT) July 2018

Attendance Policy November 2017

Behaviour Policy October 18

Capability Policy (WAT) July 2018

Charging and Remission Policy (WAT) September 2018

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy (WAT) January 2019

Clearing Away Bodily Fluids June 2018

Collection & Late Policy September 2017

Complaints Procedure- Goldsmith

Complaints Policy (WAT) September 2018

Confidential Reporting Policy (WAT) October 2018 

Curriculum Policy March 2017

Disciplinary Procedure (WAT) March 2018

Discretionary Leave of Absence (WAT) July 2018

Educational Visit Policy Statement (WAT) October 2018

Emergency and Business Continuity Policy Statement (WAT) October 2018

Emergency Lock Down Procedure

E Safety Policy (WAT) January 2019

EYFS Policy June 2018

EYFS Nappy Changing Policy February 2019

Equality Policy (WAT) July 2018

Financial Policy Manual (WAT) September 2018

Fire Safety Policy September 2018

First Aid Policy February 2019

Flexible Working Policy (WAT) July 2018

Freedom of Information Policy (WAT) November 2018

Grievance Policy (WAT) March 2018

Handwriting Policy January 2018

Health and Safety Policy (WAT) October 2018 

Home-School Agreement

Lettings Policy (WAT) September 2018

LGPS Discretions Policy (WAT) November 2017

LGPS Internal Disputes Resolution Procedure (WAT) March 2018

Looked After Children Policy September 2018

Marking Policy September 2018

Maternity and Adoption Policy (WAT) December 2016

Number and Calculation Policy September 2018

Paternity Leave Policy (WAT) December 2016

Pay Policy (WAT) September 2018

Positive Handling Policy June 2018

Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Guidance Policy September 2018

Pupil Premium Policy March 2016

Reading Policy March 2017

Recruitment and Selection-Policy (WAT) March 2018

Restructure and Redundancy Policy (WAT) January 2018

Shared Parental Leave and Pay (WAT) December 2016

Scheme of Delegation

School Uniform Policy – March 2019

Sex & Relationships Education Policy June 2018

Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy February 2019

Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) Policy September 2018

SEND Information Report 2018-19

Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy February 2019

Sickness Absence Policy (WAT) July 2018

Social Media Policy (WAT) March 2019

Staff Privacy Notice (WAT)

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy January 2019

Swimming Pool Operating Policy June 2018

Unexpected School Closure Policy January 2019

Visitor Code of Conduct September 2018

Volunteer Policy January 2018


To view all other Windsor Academy Trust Policies please click here

Policies and Privacy Notices